About Shortcut Girl

IMAGE_72363ED7-CB90-42AC-B11C-B7DE2C8A8D3FHello!  Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me and Shortcut Girl. But first,here are the other people that make this blog possible.


Michael, super Dad and husband


Celia, my little woman in a toddler body.


And Parker, the subject of many, many, many blog posts:)

I have assumed many roles in life: baby sister, Daddy’s little girl, cheerleading captain, coach, sorority sister, camp counselor, barista, Gap salesperson, class secretary, not to mention- amazing yet flawed wife, friend and Mom. But I don’t think I fill any of these roles as well as I fill the role of Shortcut Girl.

This blog was born out of my love of writing coupled with my love of entertaining. I hope that my observations of how crazy and unpredictable life is will leave you feeling a little more normal and like you have a bosom buddy– here saying what you were just thinking yourself.

But, also, I think I have some tricks of the trade to offer you in the meantime. I am a conisseur of two things: things that are fast and things that are easy. And I do them all quite well (if I do say so myself!) One time I made a scrapbook of my son’s every photograph from the past two years in 30 minutes flat. I have found a magic brand of nail polish that will end your smudge and chip worries forever (or at least for 4-5 days). I outfitted my son’s “big boy” bedroom thanks to the interior decorators found at Craigslist, Wal-Mart and my local consignment sales. I use dry shampoo to get that “I just got my hair did” freshness in the morning. I purée the chicken noodle soup my son leaves cold on the dinner table for my daughter’s baby food the next day. Sometimes play time at my house is called “let’s mop the floor.” I cut my son’s hair in the bathtub.

I am a teacher by trade but also am a proud Mom to Parker, a two year old red headed troublemaker, and Celia, my spitfire little girl. My husband Michael (not a shortcutter- it’s a mixed marriage) keeps me laughing which allows for the sense of humor I bring to blogging. We call our crowded fixer upper in Saratoga Springs, NY home.

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