Crowned Warrior a.k.a. The best day ever

I really have never had more fun. Yesterday was such a great day. A beautiful drive through the Catskills with the kids, a beautiful, sunny day for a dash after way too much rain. And, I came down feeling very confident that I could (and will!) do it again and also thinking I should do 5Ks more often because they are WAY easier than that!

The uphill climb was brutal, we basically climbed the mountain. There is no way you an really run in the beginning and keep running unless you have the lungs of Zeus. Then you kind of make your way zig zag across- sometimes up, sometimes down- and sometimes so steep of a decline that running seems way to dangerous—an ankle breaking kind of decline. At one point, I actually found myself galloping.

There were several climbing obstacles that I didn’t love. I have a fear of heights when I go down something, not as much while I go up– so I would climb up one side and get completely freaked out about changing my footing and climbing down the other. That was the ONLY time I wussed out. I mean, one time the ladder was soaked and wet!

The people along the way are fun– teams encouraging one another, yelling and cheering. Spiderman passed me at one point. That was pretty awesome.

We slid down homemade water slides, walked through mud pits, crawled under barbed wire and hopped over burning coal. At one point I slid down this slope made of wood (the guy said “don’t put your hands behind you, don’t lean back.”) Okay, so this guy doesnt know that if you do that– you just keep going. On the rocks. With shorts on that had slid up. Ouch.

Can’t wait till next year!








Move Your Butt Thursday: Crane’s Pain

Wow. Just four days until the Warrior Dash. What’s good is, I’m excited! I feel ready. I have definitely been working out more than I ever have in my adult life, so, if I’m not prepared this summer, I never will be! I did a practice 3 mile run with a friend on Sunday and felt good. I like running for a purpose. And if the purpose is completing all kinds of crazy obstacles, so be it.

Two weekends ago, I hosted my college girlfriends for a weekend at camp. It was so fun- chit chat, catching up, laughing, relaxing and– for the first time together- working out! We did a little morning workout (preceding a 7 mile run that, no, I was not a part of) that was put together by my friend Crane, a Marine (She’s kind of a bad ass).

We asked for it and we got it. Here’s the workout we not so affectionately call “Crane’s Pain.”

  • 20 jumping jacks x2
  • 30 Squats X2
  • 10 Pushups X2
  • Crunches- 20-10-10-20-Center-right-left-center
  • 2 planks for one minute
  • Sprints up and down the driveway (a hill) The third or fourth sprint was high knees
  • 20 Anterior Reaches x2 (They are BRUTAL- you feel them all the way up your legs the next day!)
  • 20 Hello Dollys x2
  • Walking Lunges- 2 sets back and forth in a wide driveway
  • Bicycle kicks
  • 10 Burpees

Crane and Shea followed that workout with a seven mile run. Holy Moly. That was enough for me.

I’ve been light in my cardio this week, just trying to rest and build strength. Going to do a Pilates and ab workout tonight as we stay in for this rainy weather. Happy Thursday!


Right after Crane beat me in arm wrestling, brutal!

Move Your Butt Saturday: The Warrior Training Program

So far, my training has been a little bit inconsistent. Mainly because I have had family here visiting and we have been busy vacation-ing. But, I am moving my butt more than usual and have been feeling really good. I have figured out great workout helpers right here at my summer camp.

  • Three steps that are great for step ups
  • Hilly driveway great to push the kids up and down
  • Great, strong Adirondack chairs to do chair dips on
  • A long hilly road for my stroller power walk/runs
  • A beam in the middle of the room for wall sits

I have also devoted myself to the cause in making the following purchases:

  • 8 pound weights
  • Pilates resistance band
  • 2 pairs of new workout shorts (They are motivating, I promise!)

Holy crap, I did my first Pilates workout video the other day and was completely dying. My Mom got to watch me do it and she was impressed with my flexibility. I was impressed with my ability to not use profanity while swinging my leg all around. I think I am in decent shape but apparently my core needs some help. I am going to do some more today in addition to this ab workout from one of my favorite food and workout blogs.

So, I’m feeling pretty confident with a little less than a month left of training. Losing my last 10 lbs of baby weight would be nice in the process!

Hopefully, I will be warrior worthy. I feel better than I ever have and have started to feel lazy when I go a day without working out. Anyone who knows me knows this is definitely a first. Please hold your giggles until you click off this post, friends:)