12 Days: 8 Things to Say to a Mom


We spend a lot of time talking about the crazy-stupid-insensitive-mean things people say/do/imply/think/intend when they deal with Moms. Like I have said before, you can read a million lists of things not to say or do or think about “this particular person.” These articles and blog posts help draw attention to a terrible disease: diarrhea of the mouth (DOM). Every Mom hears it and every Mom does it every once in a while. Sometimes it’s our attempt to connect/sympathize and/or identify with a bosom buddy and sometimes it’s just our way of saying, “Wow, I don’t know what to say so I’m going to share an inappropriate story that involves forceps and my husband fainting.” You know the ailment, you’ve seen it before. In line at the post office, the bank, the nail salon- people attempt to make conversation and end up making–everyone uncomfortable.

So, once I had my first go at the whole “my belly and my babies are a conversation piece,” I made a promise to myself. Tell any pregnant woman you see how great she looks. That’s it. Don’t tell her how many kids you have or how much you gained or how she better “get sleep while she can.” Just tell her she looks great, end of comment. Someone else will tell her that day that she’s carrying high/low/gonna pop/ has dropped. Stick to: She. Looks. Great.

And I have stuck to that– well, sometimes. We all have out DOM moments now and again.

But something that got me thinking was how come we have so many posts of what NOT to say to _____ group of people. What about what you should say to them? Isn’t it better to look at the bright side? Look for the positive ways we can affect each other’s lives?

Don’t worry girls, I’ve got you covered. Today I bring you:

8 Things to Say to a a Mom, ANY Mom:

1. You’re 33? GET OUT!!!!

2. I don’t know how you find the time to do all you do while also being so interesting and capable of such titillating conversation.

3. Clearly, your children should be baby Gap models.

4. How do you manage to stay so stylish and youthful?

5. Why don’t you eat more, you skinny thing!

6. Does your husband know how lucky he is?

7. What a clean house! Your home is beautiful!

8. Your butt looks ah-maze-ing in those jeans.