Move Your Butt: New Goal

I want to talk a little bit about goalsetting. Mostly because it is something I have always admired about my husband. When I met him and we were newly dating, I found a list of things he decided he was going to do in his life- most of them pretty short term. I remember thinking about all the writing I have done in journals about what I want to do, what I am doing and what I have done but I never really, ever, made a list of actual goals– real, live ones.

When we sat down one New Years Day to make some goals as a couple, Mike said this: “Don’t just say, ‘lose weight’ or ‘work out more,’ Bridgette. Quantify it. Hold yourself accountable.” I don’t know if you all remember this post, but Michael is not into excuses or warm and fuzzies when it comes to accountability– fitness, eating or otherwise. And, for the most part, he is right. When we set goals that year– financial ones, personal ones, career ones, we really were able to achieve pretty much everything we set out to do. Of course, that was 2009, before kids. This year, our goal was not to pay for a babysitter and we did that successfully until Michael was gone in July!

Well, one of the things that I have liked best about having this blog as an outlet is that it has helped me in my goalsetting and accountability. You would be surprised how many things you are motivated to do because you either want to write about doing it, or have already written that you WOULD do it. So, here I go again. For all of my friends who read my blog and live near me, I invite you to come along on my next challenge, five fives in five.

  • There are 5 (okay 4 1/2) months left in the year.
  • I would like to complete a total of five runs in the remainder of the year. They will all be 5Ks (hence the other five)
  • I am about to enter my fifth year of marriage, so maybe the 5 is good luck. It’s also the number my birth day and month add up to. November 12th. 1+1+1+2= 5 or 11+12= 23 and 2+3 = 5. Am I annoying yet?

The estimated dates:

So there it is. I’m putting it out there so now I can’t back out. And any of my friends or strangers who live local and would like to join me, it would be awesome to have some buddies in doing this. I have run 4 5Ks in my life, so I am doubling my life experience just in the next five months. Phew.

The result, I am hoping, is more of a culture of fitness through the “bear hibernation” months. You know, the months when you just want to sit inside, watch football, eat chili and loaves and loaves of bread? Yeah, those months. I still might do the sitting inside and the chili, but maybe that will be the reward afte some workouts and some eating well all week:)

  • Here’s the awesome pic from the Warrior Dash. Don’t I look ridiculous next to my dancer friend?

Move Your Butt Saturday: The Warrior Training Program

So far, my training has been a little bit inconsistent. Mainly because I have had family here visiting and we have been busy vacation-ing. But, I am moving my butt more than usual and have been feeling really good. I have figured out great workout helpers right here at my summer camp.

  • Three steps that are great for step ups
  • Hilly driveway great to push the kids up and down
  • Great, strong Adirondack chairs to do chair dips on
  • A long hilly road for my stroller power walk/runs
  • A beam in the middle of the room for wall sits

I have also devoted myself to the cause in making the following purchases:

  • 8 pound weights
  • Pilates resistance band
  • 2 pairs of new workout shorts (They are motivating, I promise!)

Holy crap, I did my first Pilates workout video the other day and was completely dying. My Mom got to watch me do it and she was impressed with my flexibility. I was impressed with my ability to not use profanity while swinging my leg all around. I think I am in decent shape but apparently my core needs some help. I am going to do some more today in addition to this ab workout from one of my favorite food and workout blogs.

So, I’m feeling pretty confident with a little less than a month left of training. Losing my last 10 lbs of baby weight would be nice in the process!

Hopefully, I will be warrior worthy. I feel better than I ever have and have started to feel lazy when I go a day without working out. Anyone who knows me knows this is definitely a first. Please hold your giggles until you click off this post, friends:)