What I’m Voting For

Well, this is my third election since I have been in what one might call a “mixed relationship.” Although we both may call ourselves independent, we both kind of hang a little left and right of the independent line. Some people can’t understand it. I don’t have enough political savviness to give you an explanation of how we get along when it comes to an election, but I can tell you that having a partner that does not share all the exact same beliefs you have in everything is a wonderful thing for a relationship. Sharing (and listening to each other’s) point of view, debating and (above all) agreeing to disagree about things is a valuable skill in any relationship—romantic or not. Another thing, both of my siblings also are in mixed marriages— we are all so welcoming and diverse. Go us.

I’ll be rocking the vote as a part of my special interest organizations.

Back to my unsavviness. Here’s a list of Special Interest Groups that I am thinking about most for this election. All are groups I belong to and really believe in. If you are interested in joining, please comment below.

Napping American Parents (NAP)

This hard working group of Moms and Dads put their foot down when it comes to sleep. They are in full support of couch time, free right to snoring and on rare occasions, the sound machine to drown out the sound of whiny kids. Pillows and blankets are not provided at meetings, you must bring your own.

Hot Moms Anonymous

Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be a Hot Mom. It’s not something you want to talk about with you co-workers or Mom friends. It’s something that you can only really discuss within the walls of the HMA program. There you are safe to talk about the way the man looked at you while you pumped gas the other day or the fact that you have started shopping exclusively at Forever 21. Either way, you are surrounded by other Hot Moms who know the difficulty with all that attention you get. You poor thing.

Teachers for a More Caffeinated Workplace

It’s really just common sense. Everyone is happier the more caffeinated they are. And each person should consume one beverage per child who could have possibly woken up during the night. Productivity and attitude are always improved. Students appreciate the wide eyes and the jittery gestures. And it’s always nice to share some collegial laughter over a trip through the drive thru at your local coffeehouse. Organization’s motto: “It’s never too latte to latte.”

Date Nights for Peace

Sometimes you just go to Home Depot. Sometimes you go to a movie you didn’t even want to see. But you do it in the name of peace. Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of marriage.

National Federation of Reality TV Connoisseurs

No longer do you slink into the shadows to discuss Teen Mom or speak in code to your friend at work about the Real Housewives Reunion. Here at NFRTVC (Nuh-fur-tuh-vick), we praise you for your prowess with all things reality. We are psyched when you confess about your new love for Couples Therapy on VH-1, we understand why you can’t stop watching Sister Wives on demand. We know because we acknowledge and recognize you as a professor of documentary television. Please watch the entire season of Honey Boo Boo before joining as a new member.

Muffin Tops for Education

Don’t be embarrassed about that post baby curve over your jeans, just know that for each muffin top spotted in your child’s school (children not included), we will donate $1000.00 to a scholarship fund!

Please note: If your children show some psychological damage and embarrassment for this, they can join another club Moms with Muffins (MWM) for support and just someone to talk to.

So, as you cast your vote tomorrow (you better DO IT!), don’t forget about these life changing organizations that could benefit!