Shortcut Girl: Your Favorite Posts


The original logo, made by me just a year ago:)

For the next week or so, I will be posting once a day to celebrate the one year birthday of Shortcut Girl. I have been so lucky to have found a “home” in the blogging world. I’m so happy that I have some dedicated readers and people who will stop me in the hallway at work to talk about my latest post. It’s become my secret (or not so secret) identity and has really helped me see what my real passion is. Writing pieces that connect people. And so, here’s a top ten list of you favorite posts (in no particular order). FYI: I know they are your favorites because of the number of shares, comments and views I have of particular posts. And it’s not like I obsess about it or anything, if you are wondering:)

1. Judgy Mom-ness and Other Jewels of Parenthood

2. Full Disclosure: My Life on Facebook, Kind of a Lie

3. I Want My Mommy: Not Entirely a Post about Motherhood

4. Why I’ll Never Be Mrs. America: Another One of Those Posts About Body Image

5. Yoga for The Mind: 5 Things

6. Sticks and Stones

7. Mornings with Mike

8. Finding the Light

9. Resolve to Keep Happy

10. That’s My Girl: How Parenting Changed When I Had a Daughter

I have not included your favorite posts from Parker in this list. He will have his recognition on another day:)