Things I Have Learned Upon Numerous Trips to the Beach


1. Beach should be a work up to naptime or an after naptime activity. Maximize the kids’ good moods and the reward of quiet afterwards. It’s just the right thing to do.

2. Don’t bring a book. You will jinx yourself and never get time to read it. If you don’t bring it, chances are you can sneak a couple peaceful moments while they are playing with sand toys.

3. Bring lunch or a lot of snacks. Kids eat like vultures on the beach. Let them. Then you don’t have to feed them when you get home!

4. Sand castles. Get good at them. Seriously.

5. Invest in a good swimmie or life jacket. With a two year old that is convinced he can swim, you can’t be too careful. Also makes him easy to spot when he heads into the woods for a “pee pee in the forest.”

6. No more tears Kids sunscreen. If you use any other kind, you will be shedding tears of your own for sure.

7. Bring a sun hat. You’re a Mom, damn it. Look like one.

8. Diet Soda. Ice Cold. 12 of them.

9. Bring a table you can measure out your snacks on. Sandy hands in the goldfish bag never quite work out well.

10. Do a rinse off of all the crevices sand can get in before departure from the beach. That after beach diaper change can be full of surprises. I like to call them, “little butt sand cakes.” Make sure to check for your own, too. All those sand castles you built, sand can build up!