12 Days: 9 Christmas Memories



My 9 Most Blissful Christmas Memories
1. The year my brother chased a mole into a toothpaste box in the bathroom. And hated every minute of it.

2. The year there was a snowstorm and my Mom went sledding in my sister’s front yard in my brother in law’s coat.

3. The year Michael told my Mom that he loved me and would take care of me when he said goodbye to her Christmas Day. She called me in the car, “Do you know what he said to me, Bridgette?”

4. 2009. The Christmas I woke up to this face.

5. The year my Dad got a video camera and taped every part of Christmas, or just left the camera on the tripod. Many hilarious videos of little, blonde, 6 year old me resulted.

6. The very distinct possibility that little Celia was a product of 2010 Christmas cheer. I know, I know, TMI.

7. The Christmas Michael made salad dressing for everyone in our family. On Christmas morning. In the kitchen.

8. Last year when Michael had this video ready for me on Christmas morning.

9. The year Santa brought me twin Cabbage Patch Kids. I mean, does it get any better than that?