Move Your Butt Thursday: Crane’s Pain

Wow. Just four days until the Warrior Dash. What’s good is, I’m excited! I feel ready. I have definitely been working out more than I ever have in my adult life, so, if I’m not prepared this summer, I never will be! I did a practice 3 mile run with a friend on Sunday and felt good. I like running for a purpose. And if the purpose is completing all kinds of crazy obstacles, so be it.

Two weekends ago, I hosted my college girlfriends for a weekend at camp. It was so fun- chit chat, catching up, laughing, relaxing and– for the first time together- working out! We did a little morning workout (preceding a 7 mile run that, no, I was not a part of) that was put together by my friend Crane, a Marine (She’s kind of a bad ass).

We asked for it and we got it. Here’s the workout we not so affectionately call “Crane’s Pain.”

  • 20 jumping jacks x2
  • 30 Squats X2
  • 10 Pushups X2
  • Crunches- 20-10-10-20-Center-right-left-center
  • 2 planks for one minute
  • Sprints up and down the driveway (a hill) The third or fourth sprint was high knees
  • 20 Anterior Reaches x2 (They are BRUTAL- you feel them all the way up your legs the next day!)
  • 20 Hello Dollys x2
  • Walking Lunges- 2 sets back and forth in a wide driveway
  • Bicycle kicks
  • 10 Burpees

Crane and Shea followed that workout with a seven mile run. Holy Moly. That was enough for me.

I’ve been light in my cardio this week, just trying to rest and build strength. Going to do a Pilates and ab workout tonight as we stay in for this rainy weather. Happy Thursday!


Right after Crane beat me in arm wrestling, brutal!