Eating in the Workweek: Packing Lunch


Joseph’s pita and wraps. They’re sooooo good!

Does you have a collection of travel coffee cups on your desk at work? Abandoned and stained by the hot coffee that used to occupy them-perched, just glaring at you from the desk because you forgot(read: ignored because you were too lazy) to bring them home. Those poor cups–all lonely, used and dirty.

How about lunches that you just don’t feel like eating? They just spoil in the fridge while you venture our with your workplace buds for something a little more exciting. Do you end up being the person who left their lunchbox in the fridge and it now has something growing inside of it? Shunned by your co-workers? Made fun of by your cronies?

What? Are you looking at me?

Okay, you caught me.

I don’t know why but packing a lunch every day, remembering to bring it home and then returning to work the next day with the same lunchbox freshly packed just does not happen for me. (Is this really a surprise folks?) I can’t plan that well and hate having leftovers for lunch (I avoid anything too filling because I will turn into a sloth all afternoon).

So, I thought I’d tell you what my workweek lunch grocery list entails. This will only work for people with access to a fridge and microwave at work (and a water cooler!). This assures you for lots of meal combinations (as long as you don’t mind having the same thing everyday— which I don’t).  But you can revise as needed.

  1. Joseph’s pita bread-the low carb kind with flax or Flatout Wraps
  2. A bag of Eggland’s Best hard boiled eggs 2.99 for 6
  3. Mayonnaise (obviously I don’t have to buy this every week)
  4. Annie’s sesame shiitake salad dressing Salad greens- I like Spring mix
  5. Pickling cucumbers
  6. Grape tomatoes
  7. A package of Boca Burger chick’n patties
  8. 1 container hummus
  9. Mio drink flavoring (I like Fruit Punch)

Not that I actually throw all of this back in one week but I have plenty for lunch and for snacking. I cut the cucumbers and tomatoes and eat the with salt. I use the eggs to make egg salad (egg and mayo only) and either have it on the pita bread or on top of a salad.

If I am watching sugar and carbs: no pita, no Boca burger, no tomatoes, no hummus. But everything else stays. I use chocolate dusted almonds and diet soda runs (shout out to my friend Katie here) for “sweets.”

I try to keep my dirty cups to a minimum, bring them home for a washing once in a while and above all, I try to make sure I never end up at work with an empty fridge. Because, no matter what, shortcut girl has gotta eat.