Shortcut Girl: Your Favorite Posts


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For the next week or so, I will be posting once a day to celebrate the one year birthday of Shortcut Girl. I have been so lucky to have found a “home” in the blogging world. I’m so happy that I have some dedicated readers and people who will stop me in the hallway at work to talk about my latest post. It’s become my secret (or not so secret) identity and has really helped me see what my real passion is. Writing pieces that connect people. And so, here’s a top ten list of you favorite posts (in no particular order). FYI: I know they are your favorites because of the number of shares, comments and views I have of particular posts. And it’s not like I obsess about it or anything, if you are wondering:)

1. Judgy Mom-ness and Other Jewels of Parenthood

2. Full Disclosure: My Life on Facebook, Kind of a Lie

3. I Want My Mommy: Not Entirely a Post about Motherhood

4. Why I’ll Never Be Mrs. America: Another One of Those Posts About Body Image

5. Yoga for The Mind: 5 Things

6. Sticks and Stones

7. Mornings with Mike

8. Finding the Light

9. Resolve to Keep Happy

10. That’s My Girl: How Parenting Changed When I Had a Daughter

I have not included your favorite posts from Parker in this list. He will have his recognition on another day:)

12 Days: 4 Ways to Woo Your Woman


Today marks the ninth anniversary of my husband’s first attempt to flirt with me– at a co-worker’s holiday party. It was both sweet and ridiculous, embarrassing and hilarious. It just depends on who you are in the story.

Today I bring you 4 Ways to Woo Your Woman:

1. At work, invite her into your office or classroom for snacks, preferably bagels. Also offer her an Uncle Ben’s breakfast in a bowl and tell her how good they are.

2. Make conversation. “What are your plans for the holiday? Are you going to _____’s party?” Find out where you might be able to catch her again– outside of work.

3. At the party that evening, make good conversation with her as you play darts. Be witty and interesting– make her want to stay at the party a little longer.

4. (This is the clincher) When you have some bad gas and are embarrassed by the smell you have created—blame it on her! Adopting 4th grade flirtation rituals is totally normal! Embarrass her and make sure she gets super uncomfortable– and leaves. Here’s where the trick lies. Confuse the hell out of her. Force her to tell herself, “Wow, I guess he doesn’t like me…” so that she might accept your invitation to happy hour weeks later, just to try to clear up her confusion.

By mid-January, you will have yourself a girlfriend.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, isn’t this a sweet story to tell our children someday?

12 Days: 5 Birthday Photos


12 Days: Parker’s Birthday in 5 pictures

12 Days: Parker’s Birthday in 5 pictures

I cant believe my little man is three. just three years we walked into a hospital (well, I waddled in with soaked pants) as a couple and came out as a family. We didn’t even know whether we were having a boy or a girl yet and didn’t even have a name until a about thirty minutes before. Originally, I was due on January 5th and was nervous I might have a baby too close to Christmas. Apparently, these are the things you worry about when you are childless. Well, as I learned at a card reading around Halloween, there is meaning behind the date we come into the world. So, Parker was just meant to forever be my nine-days-before-Christmas-baby.

If you read my birthday post, you know I am a little crazier than your average person about birthdays and my child’s birthday is no different. Each year I celebrate my initiation into motherhood, our anniversary of becoming a family and Parker’s birthday all in one beautiful celebration on December 16th.

Here are five pictures of the little dude’s big day which started with #3 pancakes and ended with a ride on the Polar Express. I mean, is there anything better?

The accoutrements I used on the cupcakes is featured at the bottom of the post as well!





12 Days: 9 Christmas Memories



My 9 Most Blissful Christmas Memories
1. The year my brother chased a mole into a toothpaste box in the bathroom. And hated every minute of it.

2. The year there was a snowstorm and my Mom went sledding in my sister’s front yard in my brother in law’s coat.

3. The year Michael told my Mom that he loved me and would take care of me when he said goodbye to her Christmas Day. She called me in the car, “Do you know what he said to me, Bridgette?”

4. 2009. The Christmas I woke up to this face.

5. The year my Dad got a video camera and taped every part of Christmas, or just left the camera on the tripod. Many hilarious videos of little, blonde, 6 year old me resulted.

6. The very distinct possibility that little Celia was a product of 2010 Christmas cheer. I know, I know, TMI.

7. The Christmas Michael made salad dressing for everyone in our family. On Christmas morning. In the kitchen.

8. Last year when Michael had this video ready for me on Christmas morning.

9. The year Santa brought me twin Cabbage Patch Kids. I mean, does it get any better than that?

Shortcutting in the Buff

A true shortcut. Wear no clothes. The benefit? No stain on your blazer, no tight panty induced wedgie, no itchy tights, no fear of mismatched colors. It’s just you, in your birthday suit, shopping in a lumber store like it’s no big deal.

I gotta get this woman to write a post about how she does it. I mean, shortcutting wardrobe right out of your life surely saves time and energy and possibly even some cash. There is some merit in the freedom (maybe a little too free) it might bring to your life.

Check out this article and you will see what I am talking about. Nude shopping. Everybody’s doing it.