I Still Can’t Believe That You’re Mine: Happy Birthday Celia


I Still Can’t Believe You’re Mine

Today, Celia “sweetie baby” Gallagher is two.

And I am still in awe that only two years ago, she was given to me.

Carrying a child and not knowing the gender is the best thing in the world. I never wanted it any other way so I enjoyed the surprise to its fullest. Twice.

But few events changed my life more than the day my husband said, “It’s a boy! I mean, it’s a girl!” (Her umbilical cord was between her legs).

I have said this all before. And it’s still true. But, the wonder that I have when I look at my daughter still sometimes throws me for a loop.

She will be someone’s best friend someday, someone’s shoulder to cry on, someone’s voice of reason, someone’s reminder to laugh at their self. Someone’s wife. Someone’s mother.

She will be a voice I look forward to hearing in the telephone, a young woman I will look forward to chatting with over lunch and shopping.

She will be me and not me in all the ways (I hope) I would want her to be. She will be stronger than I ever could be, brighter in spirit and intelligence than I ever thought of being and rock solid in her determination and will.

She will be beautiful and it will only be complemented by her beautiful blue eyes. Her beauty will come out in the crinkle of her smile, the love in her voice, her sharp wit, her warm nature, her contagious laugh.

And when I see this all in her– I can already predict that even then, I still won’t believe she is mine. I will still be full of awe, wonder and pure humility in seeing my daughter grow before me.

Happy Birthday, baby girl. Thank you for making me a better Mommy.

12 Days: 5 Birthday Photos


12 Days: Parker’s Birthday in 5 pictures

12 Days: Parker’s Birthday in 5 pictures

I cant believe my little man is three. just three years we walked into a hospital (well, I waddled in with soaked pants) as a couple and came out as a family. We didn’t even know whether we were having a boy or a girl yet and didn’t even have a name until a about thirty minutes before. Originally, I was due on January 5th and was nervous I might have a baby too close to Christmas. Apparently, these are the things you worry about when you are childless. Well, as I learned at a card reading around Halloween, there is meaning behind the date we come into the world. So, Parker was just meant to forever be my nine-days-before-Christmas-baby.

If you read my birthday post, you know I am a little crazier than your average person about birthdays and my child’s birthday is no different. Each year I celebrate my initiation into motherhood, our anniversary of becoming a family and Parker’s birthday all in one beautiful celebration on December 16th.

Here are five pictures of the little dude’s big day which started with #3 pancakes and ended with a ride on the Polar Express. I mean, is there anything better?

The accoutrements I used on the cupcakes is featured at the bottom of the post as well!