Beauty Tip Thursday- The Sock Bun!



Katie is the first of my friends I have asked to contribute to Shortcut Girl. She teaches with me and shares my love of diet pepsi, reality TV and fancy notebooks. She also has amazing beauty tips which is what she is writing about here today!

Discovering the “sock bun” was easily the most life-changing thing that has ever happened to me. I rank it up there with getting engaged and buying my first car. I was scouring Pinterest one day and came across the most beautiful looking bun I had ever seen. I immediately thought that there was no way I could recreate this due to my lack of hair styling skills. I set out to try my hardest to achieve “the sock bun.. Every time I wear one (which is all the time because I hate washing my hair), I receive numerous compliments from friends and strangers. I often get stopped at stores by people asking me how I got my bun to “look like that!” I am more than willing to share this secret, because when I teach someone how to do a sock bun, I feel like I am changing the world for the better. One bun at a time.

How to do it:

Step 1: Find a sock. You want to make sure that this is not a sock you are particularly attached to because you will not be able to wear it again (at least not on your feet!). It does not matter what kind of sock you choose. People are amazed to hear that the sock in my hair is actually a Halloween sock. An easy sock to give up to the sock bun for its lack of versatility.

Step 2: Cut the toe part of the sock completely off.

Step 3: Starting at either end of the sock, roll the sock so it creates a donut shape.

Step 4: Put your hair into a ponytail. You can either position it high up on your head or in the middle, it’s up to you.

Step 5: Loop the donut sock around your ponytail the same way as if it were a ponytail holder. Bring the donut to the end of your ponytail and leave about an inch of hair sticking out.

Step 6: Tuck your ends around the donut and keep folding the donut down as your hair creates the bun shape. Eventually you will have a perfect bun on your head.

Step 7: Enjoy all the compliments on how awesome your hair looks.

I don’t always achieve a perfect bun my first try. The key is to keep practicing until you are satisfied with how the bun looks. One of the great things about the sock bun is that it is easy to do, stays put until you take it out, and can dress up any outfit. I promise you that learning how to do a sock bun will be life-changing. I have one final warning: be prepared, everywhere you go, to explain to other people how you got such a round, perfect, beautiful sock bun. It’s a shortcut that’s great to share!

Beauty Tip Thursday- Kitchen Highlights


Notice how this hair model can give your bedroom eyes AND highlight her hair at the same time. Now, that’s a major shortcut!


Hair partially highlighted.


The highlighting tool, right on the tip of your finger.


Nice blue paste. It helps for you to see the highlights in your hair as you are doing it.


Highlights fully applied.

This week I seem to be talking a lot about my mother. This post is no different. I was 14 when I first highlighted my hair in the bathroom, my Mom looking on with words of encouragement. My mother went to beauty school and I grew up seeing neighborhood men and women get haircuts, perms, frosts and color right at my kitchen table. I was used to sitting on a telephone book booster seat while my Mom snipped at my bangs and tried to gently blow the hair out of my eyes. I have adopted the same techniques and sometimes find myself hunched over and squinting sometimes as I cut my son’s red, unruly curls. Gosh, maybe my Mom was the original Shortcut Girl!

My Mom taught me that attempting any change to your hair wasn’t scary. It was fun and worthy of celebration. I try to communicate this even now to my friends ask about doing my own highlights. I want to say how easy it is, but to someone who never had Betty down the street’s head in your kitchen sink for a rinse, doing your own hair is just crazy<;.

So, here I am trying to convince you otherwise. Here’s the step by step guide:

At Home Kitchen Highlights

1. Buy a highlighting kit with a comb or finger comb. The pic above shows you my favorite. Choose a color that is as close to your normal color as possible. If you go too light, you will have to highlight mroe often.
2. Part dirty hair the way you do every day. Mix color as directed.
3. Put on your favorite old t-shirt. Some suggestions are tees from your sorority formals in Canada. But any old tee will work;)
4. Choose a section to start. Streak your hair with the blue highlighting paste, using care not o get too bunched up. Try to make sure this color gets all the way to the end of your strands (the rubber gloves included in the pack help with this).
5. Continue on the entire crown of your head. Doing the back is easy. Do it and then check by looking in the mirror as you hold a mirror. The best part about highlights is that in order for them to look natural, they do not have to look perfect. Just assuring they are evenly distributed and that the paste makes it all the way to the end of your strands is the most important part.
6. Set the timer for 30 minutes and veg.
7. Rinse in the shower and use the conditioner tube included in the highlighting kit.
8. Dry and style as usual. Repeat highlighting as soon as roots grow out- about six weeks.

Cutting Your Hair

A little disclaimer here. I never cut my hair myself, my Mom doesn’t cut hers herself anymore either. I depend on the uber talented Kristen Mann at The Strand for amazing hair. She started oing my hair when I had her daughter as a student back in 2006 and have never looked back. She is amazing!

So if it’s in the name of saving money, being adventurous or just testing if Shortcut Girl knows what she’s doing, take a stab at Kitchen highlights. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

(Of course, if your hair ends up blue, purple or any unwanted color– relax, that’s actually in style nowadays!)