Move Your Butt Saturday: The Warrior Training Program

So far, my training has been a little bit inconsistent. Mainly because I have had family here visiting and we have been busy vacation-ing. But, I am moving my butt more than usual and have been feeling really good. I have figured out great workout helpers right here at my summer camp.

  • Three steps that are great for step ups
  • Hilly driveway great to push the kids up and down
  • Great, strong Adirondack chairs to do chair dips on
  • A long hilly road for my stroller power walk/runs
  • A beam in the middle of the room for wall sits

I have also devoted myself to the cause in making the following purchases:

  • 8 pound weights
  • Pilates resistance band
  • 2 pairs of new workout shorts (They are motivating, I promise!)

Holy crap, I did my first Pilates workout video the other day and was completely dying. My Mom got to watch me do it and she was impressed with my flexibility. I was impressed with my ability to not use profanity while swinging my leg all around. I think I am in decent shape but apparently my core needs some help. I am going to do some more today in addition to this ab workout from one of my favorite food and workout blogs.

So, I’m feeling pretty confident with a little less than a month left of training. Losing my last 10 lbs of baby weight would be nice in the process!

Hopefully, I will be warrior worthy. I feel better than I ever have and have started to feel lazy when I go a day without working out. Anyone who knows me knows this is definitely a first. Please hold your giggles until you click off this post, friends:)