Move Your Butt Wednesday: Warrior In Training

Last night, friends of ours were at camp for dinner and I said, “Have you ever heard of the Warrior Dash?”

Somehow, an hour later I was scouring the Internet for dates, times, training schedule and filling out an online registration form. I got my friends Jim and Katie to do it with me and started planning my workout regimen. I was really pumped and somewhat nervous about it. I anticipated waking up in the morning with a, “What have I gotten myself into?” feeling but the good news is: I didn’t! I’m still excited and hopeful that setting the goal to complete this insane obstacle course will give me something really positive to work toward this summer.

And as anyone who is like me about exercise-related goals, I needed to declare it to the world so I had no way out. By 10:30 pm, I was posting a facebook status declaring myself a potential Warrior. Now I have to do it!

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The distraction of training for the Warrior Dash is important this summer particularly for the following reasons:

1. I have felt somewhat flabbified since my second C-Section. Although the scale is looking more pleasing, what remains of my belly is not (Yikes! Can they do that lap band surgery on the OUTside?)

2. My husband will be in California for a month teaching. Yup, single Mom for a month. Single stay at home Mom at that.

3. I am not working this summer (See #2)

4. I like physical challenges but am not a fan of running long distances. If this race had cheerleader like stunts, I’d be all set!

5. I am living by a lake all summer with plenty of beautiful places to walk, run and workout. Even if they are with a stroller.

So, once we decided to dash, we also realized it was 38 days away. Too close? Not in shape enough. We weren’t being scared off that easily!

And, if you remember this post— as Mike Gallagher says, no excuses.

So today it began. Cardio power walk pushing 30 lbs plus of infant/toddler weights. Kept a brisk pace and was sweating like a pig. Strength training will be later. Maybe I’ll update this post once I do it.

I will share my workouts and shortcut workouts (pulling a wagon with two kids up a hilly driveway over and over) as I get warrior-fied!


  1. Congrats!! Just saying you’re going to do it is sometimes the hardest part. I did it, and had a blast! It is a really fun race. Good luck!

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