Word to Your Mother


Mother’s Day weekend is about to kick off. Get ready to get your shortcut on!

My Mom just came last weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day and it was fabulous. Seeing my Mom with my kids is the best thing a girl could ask for. These are some not-all-that-creative ways you can celebrate Mom without breaking your bank or spending hours in the Hallmark store. Some of them are great for the last minute shoppers out there!

1. Pics– This is especially for long distance kids and grandchildren- send pictures/emails of kids holding paper that says “I love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.” Separate pics for each word work best.

Setting up a blog for your child’s pictures is a great idea too. You can add email addresses to your profile that will get notification when a new pic/post is up (this works very well for the non facebooking family members). And you can set it up so that you can post by text or email. This helps you to put all those pics you send in a text or email chronologically in a blog- it’s your own online scrapbook! Ours is here.

2. Pamper date– Mother’s Day. Last year (and this year too actually!), my Mom and I went together to the nail salon and paid for each other’s treatments. It was the best memory because my daughter kicked for the first time during my manicure. Best. Mother’s Day. Ever.

3. Shopping Date– Since my Mom lives two hours away, I never get to shop with her. We stole away some shopping time last weekend and it was heavenly. Your Mom’s opinion of you in that dress you’ve been eyeing is something every girl needs to hear. Well, only if it’s good!

4. Cards-My Mom and I are card people. I would rather have a beautiful card (with a personal note, of course) from my kids or my husband than any gift you could buy.

5. A nice meal– My husband is a fabulous cook. Meals for special occasions are my favorite gifts from him- a special cut of meat or seafood or fancy side dish. It’s the best way to celebrate.

6. Manual Labor- My Mom turns 70 this year. She looks about 55. She works so hard on making a nice home for herself. Having had heart issues in the past, I get worried when she does too much physical work in and around her house. If I lived closer, I would give her the gift of taking care of her yard work or planting. I would offer to haul her junk from the basement or paint a room she is remodeling. Not that you wouldn’t do for your Mom anyway, but sometimes making it an IOU makes it so she doesn’t have to ask and it forces you to pick a time to get it all done.

Happy Mother’s Day Moms! Sending Shortcut Girl love to all my readers and their mothers!

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