9 Reasons Why I Need a Summer Vacation

Shortcut Girl has been neglected, yes. It’s been a busy month of buying a new house, ending the school year, traveling to see family. Etc. Etc.

But one thing’s for sure, it’s time for me to get a nice healthy dose of summer. This list proves it. Amen.

1. Daily naps will make me much more fun to be around.

2. The shade of “vampire white” on my legs is beginning to scare the children.

3. I have stopped throwing away special drawings from day care at home in the trash can. Now I walk directly from my kid’s cubby to the trash in the classroom. Done.

4. I am running out of “work appropriate outfits for when it’s 200 degrees outside.”

5. I got so overwhelmed from looking at cute teachers gifts on Pinterest, I just decided we were doing gift cards this year.

6. I really, really need a pedicure.

7. My “bath every night” rule that I used to employ in summertime has taken a hiatus. Yesterday I put socks on my kids dirty feet so he wouldn’t get his sheets all yucky during nap.

8. When I pack a lunch it looks like this– juice box, cheese stick, raisins, gogurt. Basically nothing I actually have to “make” goes into it.

9. My kids need their summer Mommy back– the stawberry picking, beach combing, popsicle licking, rock painting Mommy. And I’m ready to be her— very soon!


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