14 Ways Being a Mom is Like Pledging a Sorority


The picture above is not a hazing incident at a local Toddler-Fraternity, I promise. It’s Parker after he did a double header birthday party. I hate to say it, but this picture made me think back to my college days and this post came to fruition. Enjoy it. Even if you have never had a sorority experience, you surely know what your initiation to M-O-M has entailed.

1. You get a new name or a nickname. Whether it’s Mama, or Mommy or Maaaaaaaaaaa! or some other silly name, you now have an alias.

2. You perform tasks where your sleep deprivation is a key factor. Whether it’s stealing a composite or diapering a child in the dark, there are certain things it takes a keen sense for in the middle of the night.

3. You have to carry certain things with you and have them ready for your pledgemasters at all times. Diapers, wipes, lollipops, tissues, sippy cups. You know the drill, they ask for it, you hand it over.

4. You have an understanding for your fellow Mom-sisters  and give them a wink and a smile in line at the grocery store. Or help them out by having a band aid at just the right time or a babysitter’s number last minute.

5. You learn a lot of songs. And you sing them over and over and over again.

6. You have to be the responsible one at parties. These now take the form of four year old birthday parties with clowns, face painting, a bouncy house and pony rides. But are they really all that different from a frat party?

7. You have to learn and memorize a lot of new information.  Medicine dosages, pediatrician directions, ages and weights where certain safety measures are appropriate and of course, all the channels for Nickjr, Disneyjr, Sprout and Cartoon Network.

8. You might not wear the letters MOM on a sweatshirt all around but you drive a kick ass minivan that communicates the same exact sentiment.

9. You find yourself uber-connected to other Mom-pledges. You smile sweetly at the pregnant Mom, wink affectionately at the new Mom and high five the toddler Mom  who brought the Ipad to the grocery store. You recognize each phase of Mom- pledging.

10. You celebrate everything. Last day of soccer, first day of Spring, good report cards, first bike ride, first lost tooth, a good report at day care. Ev. Ry. Thing.

11. You have a formal (or wedding, or date night) once or twice a year where you wear heels, go out and dance your ass off.

12. You attend weekly meetings. They now take the form of chorus concerts, parent conferences and soccer games. Same meetings, just different people:)

13. You are on clean up duty. Again.

14. You are always trying to figure out how to prolong the time you spend as a sister in M-O-M. Because ever since you first pledged, the years are flying by faster and faster.

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