Guest Post from Parker: Oops. I sold out my sister. Oh well.


Phew. It’s been a battle ground up in this place. My sister turned two and a half– aka– turned into Little Miss Frozen-song-singing-diva and started pulling the following things with me.

1. Makes fun of me and calls me a baby.
2. Sucker punches me.
3. Pulls my hair.
4. Ruins my Lego towers.
5. Drinks all my chocolate milk.

So, what to do? Well, we just happened to run into Santa at the playground the other day so I just laid it all out there. Dad was there. He heard the whole thing.

“Santa, my sister Celia has had really bad behavior lately.”

(Crickets) I mean, Santa didn’t even know what to do. He’s only heard stuff like that from elves.

Then Dad gives me the blah blah blah about being nice and taking care of your little sister and blah blah that wasn’t good behavior and blah blah what if Celia told Santa about your bad behavior.

What I wanted to say:

“Dad, she punches me on the back of the head when I am playing with my Transformers, we’re talking about a violent individual in need of SERIOUS play therapy.”

What I said:

“Let’s go on the slide!!!! Wheeeee!”

In other words, I do what needs to be done in the name of good behavior. If the Pigtail Princess wants to play dirty and make me smell her stinky feet, well then guess who will be crying Christmas morning when she doesn’t get another princess doll? Sorry there, sis. You had a good run.

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