We Will Laugh: Our April Fools Day Tradition


When we got married, I wrote a poem for Michael that repeated the statement, “we will laugh.” Laughter is as much about us as individuals as it is about us as a couple. Our family is pretty addicted to jokes, silly dances, silly voices and loud laughter. We do laugh and will continue to. Being married to someone who constantly is looking for the funny things about life makes life easier, even on days when you think you can’t muster up a smile. My favorite line if the poem is, “laughter is what will heal us, help us and hold us.”

Thus, April Fools Day. The practical joke is long running in the Gallagher family and I picked it up and ran with it as much as I could. Having a love for theater, I don’t mind a little acting as long as the payoff is “getting” him.

We have played a total of seven or eight practical jokes over the past ten years. There’s been little innocent jokes and there’s been some whoppers. One time I waltzed into what was supposed to be a serious “parent teacher meeting” to see my deer in the headlights betrothed (we were engaged at the time) looking ever so surprised and confused. When he realized what I had done, I barely heard him speak for hours. He was stricken in the worst way by April Fools– the blindside.

No stories can be told without telling the best one ever— where Mike (impersonating someone else) convinced me that someone wanted to buy my email address for $1000. This itself would have been a beautiful joke. But this coupled with Brudgettes proclamation on Facebook of “I just sold my email address for $1000. TRUE STORY.” made the joke epic. The next morning I made the ever so arrogant statement that I would happily put $600 of my $1000 windfall towards bills but $400 of it was all mine.

This is the moment every practical joker waits for. It’s almost too perfect. Here I was getting all snooty about this money that I thought I won.

In the movies, the man delivers the revelation of the practical joke and then they both dissolve into giggles and hugs.

Not the Gallaghers.

I started crying, like real babyish, spoiled brat crying. He tried to calm me down by offering random gift cards to me. It was a beautiful moment of laughter, or, errr, well, it is an amazing whopper of a story now!

And that’s it. We play and joke and imitate and laugh. We focus our efforts into trickery, as viscous as it may be, that ignites something between us. It heals us, helps us and holds us together, forever.

Time to start working on next year’s plan. It’s never too early.

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