Blog Posts I Would Write If I Had the Time


My Parenting Philosophy: Try to Cry Less Than Your Three Year Old

“Let me just get one toy” and Other Reasons Why I’m Late to Work

My Kid’s Gag Reflex: A Cautionary Tale

Why You Should Never Buy Your Already Poorly Nourished Child Count Chocula Cereal

Ghost Cookies: How Pinterest Ruined My Craftiness

Super Chicken Head: My Husband’s Critique of My Dancing

Mom Jeans: Rite of Passage or Fashion Don’t?

Why You Should Never Go to Target When You Are Hormonal

Daylight Savings Time is Ruining Our Society

Ragamuffin Child? 6 Easy Fixes

Renaming Food: My Dictionary of Cuisine for Toddlers

Hashtagging: Ways to Bring Your Family Together


  1. Oh, my clear choice HAS to e the hash tagging one, given the current ongoing joust between you and Bill. Although, you are up pretty early, soothe one a out day,ought saving time could be important too! I told Ryan we saw Mike and the kids at Linda’s pancake. Real fast and he asked if Parker threw up, so there’s an argument for the gag reflex one. Mom jeans hit too close to home, forget that one. My Pinterest attempts NEVER work, so I’m with you for that, but I think I’d like to read a out how to cry less than your 3 yo! Hope you had a fun weekend, we missed you!

  2. Wow, early morning typing is not my thing!

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