Shortcuts You Will Thank Me For Later…No, Really

Do you remember when this blog used to have shortcuts, awesome tricks and recipes and stuff? Yeah, me too. Although I think I have a lot of witty banter to give to you, I also have some top notch shortcuts too. So, here’s the latest.


Volunteer Spot: Sick of 800 reply all emails about who is bringing napkins to the class party? This website has a place where you sign up and can see what everyone else is bringing. Great for roomparents, coaches, preschool classes, etc.

Tempo: Have a work calendar through Microsoft and a personal calendar through Google? Have one calendar that pulls from all accounts and combines them on your SMARTphone. So easy and also pulls from emails that discuss the event.

Red Stamp: Want your invitations-texts-pictures-photos to look cute, professional and incorporate text? Use Red Stamp right on your phone! It’s a great way to look like you might have a degree in graphic design when you really don’t, you’re just on your phone too damn much.

Picasa Web Album I use this as an app and as a desktop program. It’s great because you can get all your pictures from your phone so easily and know that they are stored properly. It also makes little gifs for you of the images if you have taken a lot of pictures that are similar. I sometimes just log in to watch my little gif children frolic on the webpage.

Carrot, The To Do List With a Personality: I am a list maker from way back and although I always have my to do lists going written by hand, sometimes I only have my phone with me. In the car, I will often make voice lists or dictate blog posts, emails or other things I want to write. This To do list makes fun of you as you add and delete things from it, which is just what you always wanted in a to d0 list, right?

Keratin Shampoo and Dry Shampoo: I just can’t reiterate this enough. Dry shampoo will save your life. Keratin dry shampoo will smell good AND save your life and well, Keratin regular (wet) shampoo will solve all hair problems you have ever had in your life. Okay, not really, but your hair will look awesome. And people will want to be you. And steal your hair. I promise.

Essie Nail Polish: I am a my-nails-are-always-painted person. So, Essie is what helps me do that and still have nails that look good, shiny, dry fast and don’t chip. I <3 Essie. My favorite colors change with the seasons. Right now, I like big spender.

Trader Joe’s Recipes: Even though you might not have to time to run to Trader Joe’s to purchase their ingredients, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make one of their recipes! Such great ideas and use healthy food and creative ingredients.

Pintester: Are you overwhelmed by Pinterest? Jealous of your friends’ pinboards? Feeling Pinferior? Then just read this chick’s blog Pintester and laugh your butt off at all of her Pinterest tests. She can show you what works, what doesn’t and what was a near miss:)






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