Reasons I Will Not Sell My Daughter to the Gypsies (Today)


Reasons I Will Not Sell My Daughter to the Gypsies (Today)

1. I would miss her sweet little voice saying “No, no, noooooo!” when I ask her to give me a kiss while we are cuddling in bed in the morning.

2. She’s not potty trained. That would be a bummer for gypsies to steal diapers from other Moms. That ain’t right.

3. She probably didn’t mean to bite me on our bike ride today.

4. I don’t want Parker to be an only child. Read: I’m not having any more kids- no way, no how.

5. She looks cute when she’s sleeping. She makes you forget that you had to basically body check her into her car seat on three occasions that day.

6. She will probably remember her Dad and miss him when she is living the gypsy life.

7. In keeping her, 50% of my children will actually eat dinner each night. Without her, 0% of them will. Numbers don’t lie.

8. She will probably grow out of the nose picking phase.

9. My Mom said I had it coming. Time to pay the piper.

10. Who will I paint my toenails with?

Oh, okay. I’ll keep her. But, in case you are wondering, I am not the only one who considered this avenue in parenting. I don’t have to post on anonymous message boards though– I’ll come right out and say it!

If you have any gypsy/ children stories, please share. Especially if you actually sold your kids and then wanted them back, I’m sure it happens all the time.


  1. I don’t really want to sell her either. In fact, I’m going to miss her in the Fall. However, I probably won’t be nearly as exhausted as I am now. : )

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