10 Blog Posts You Wish I Wrote


Lately life has been crazy– work, kids, home, all of it. Blogging has somehow made it to the back burner which only makes me feel itchy and incomplete. My blog usually centers me and gives me a great sense of purpose and drive. It’s always really meditative and stress relieving. So, now that I think of it, maybe my reasons for not blogging are exactly why I should be blogging. Note to self. Blog. No excuses.

Today I bring you the 10 blog posts I should have written over the past two weeks. Some of them I still might write, beware. If there’s one you really are dying to hear, comment and let me know!

1. Living with Nakedness: Sure Signs Your Child is a Future Nudist. In this brave post, I will chronicle Celia’s latest taking off her diaper phase. It’s really adorable. Well, except for the poopy ones.

2. The Best Day of My Life: The Day I Figured out My Husband Dances Like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction Yes, it’s true. I’m not bragging, it’s just a great little caveat of my marriage that I only recently discovered. I will rent out said dancing husband for weddings and parties. A fee will apply.

3. Becoming a Chocolate Bunny: My Self Tanner Story In case you are wondering, you can scrub off the streaks if you don’t mind a little redness after:)

4. My One Year old Can Put on Her Shoes but My Three Year Old Can’t: Stories of Shaming Parker. This one is self-explanatory.

5. Water Sprinklers: Entertainment for Hours and You Just Get to Sit There It’s been a long week. That’s all I got.

6. Finding Doris. My story of finding out my husband’s hairdresser “Doris” was not the 60 year old woman I thought she was. She is younger, much younger. And pretty. No one dies a Dateline-esque death in this post, I promise.

7. Praise Jesus, She Finally Watches TV and Other Happy Milestones in Celia’s Toddlerhood.

8. How Many Times a Week is Too Many to Have Dino Nuggets for Dinner? The answer is somewhere between 4 and 7. But certainly not less then 4.

9. Pedicures Are the Only Me Time You Can Get. So it’s time to work them into the monthly budget. Start with 2 per month and go up as needed from there:)

10. “Stop Bothering Me!” When You Deal With Teenagers at Work and Toddlers at Home. Dear Lord.

I promise I won’t ever take so long of a break again. Missed you guys!

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