Guest Post From Parker: How to Deal With Crazy Parents on a School Break


Can you even begin to understand the stress I am under for my ENTIRE LIFE not just having ONE but TWO parents who are teachers? That means no school breaks where I get to roam the house, eat Spaghettios and watch Scooby Doo all day, no video games, no pajamas all day and all night. Nope. Those two will be there every day of every flippin’ school vacation until I graduate.

Thanks for ruining my life, Mom and Dad. Thanks a lot.

Case in point: Last Week. It was a nice break from day care and preschool, but, really Mom? Don’t you think you should look into a prescription for Prozac? Is coloring on the kitchen tile really the cause for yelling? Let’s just take it down a notch, kay? Here’s my take on how to deal with crazy parents when you spend too many Winter days indoors.

White Fang

The best development that could have occurred this week is that my little sister became a biter. Instantly catapulting me from “bad boy” status and putting all eyes on her. Because she has turned into a Toddler version of Twilight, I was able to get away with two big cups of chocolate milk, two lollipops and no less than three Disney movies on the Ipad. You know what’s even better? The little vamp takes off my glasses and chucks them to the ground. Classic bully move and my parents are instantly horrified. Future recesses on school playgrounds flash before their eyes. And Bella the Biter (or Celia the Chomper) gets her first taste of time out…mixed with just a little bit of blood. Eh, it’s worth it.

Whenever it seems like their attitudes are ever so slightly shifting towards favoring her again, I just bust out my scary bite mark for a little sympathy. There’s nothing like laying on the parental guilt. It kills them.


Going Toddlerexic

Another awesome thing to do on vacations to really mess with parents is to just go on a hunger strike. No food= unhappy toddler. Unhappy toddler= whiney toddler. Whiney toddler= parents are nervous they are going to have a terrible time on their vacation. Nervous parents= bribes. The trick is to make them think that it’s their idea. For three days I ate only dirt, milk, 3 Goldfish, 2 Starburst and 9 Nutri-Grain bars. They were desperate.


“It was an accident.”

What really gets them Googling parenting advice is when you make them think you are not potty trained anymore. They typically search for “potty regression” “toddler bladder control” or “nervous toddler AND peeing.” All they really see is the future poopy diapers you could possibly be making them touch again. It gets inside their head, they, like panic and go all social worker on you. “Were you afraid you would not make it to the potty?” “Did you forget where the potty was?” “Were you nervous about the new potty?” No lame-o, I just happen to know that peeing my pants gets me a. a lot of attention and b. some clean underwear. It also makes you stop watching Princess cuteness over there point to her nose over and over again. Sometimes, it’s the only thing I’ve got.


5 More Minutes

Newsflash Mom, no one ever taught me how long a minute was so every time I tell YOU that I will do something after 5 minutes, what I’m really saying is: “I’ll do that when I gosh darn want to, so zip it.” I mean, no offense, that’s just what I mean.



You might have thought you kept the germs away but I don’t think you know that sometimes I actually just splash water all over the bathroom and smear soap on the mirror for fun–washing my hands has nothing to do with that bathroom party. So if you think once the 10 days are up you are in the clear, you are sorely, sorely mistaken. I’ve been taking bacteria samples from all my best friend’s sippy cups all week. You’re in for it.


Time in!

Just so you know. Time out is bullshit. It’s just a time for you to reflect on how you are going to explain to me for the 100th time that pulling my sister’s hair is not okay. And really, I don’t have time for that. I need to figure out how I can possibly get as many stickers as possible stuck to the underside of the kitchen table before bedtime. I’ll do my job, you do yours. Why don’t you take Little Miss Chompers there and change her diaper again and make yourself useful.



  1. OMG – – One of your funniest yet!! So true and sounds like it’s right out of Parker’s mouth!

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