My Valentine : The Snow Day


I don’t need to discuss the perks of being a teacher. I do understand that I am lucky to have a great job and work with kids. But, by far, one of the best hidden surprises of being a teacher living in the northeast is the wonderment of an “unexpected” day off: the snow day.

And if you ever have talked to a teacher the week of an impending storm, you might learn that we all have a small meteorologist who lives inside of us. Who talks about “good timing” and “bad timing” [good timing is heavy snow that starts about 2 am] and constantly try to do the reverse jinx on the snow day. I learned the reverse jinx from a friend. You constantly refer to things as if the snow day is not going to happen. Complete with the, “see you all tomorrow!” when you leave work the day before an impending storm.

But, snow days are one of the true gems of teaching. And a snow day on a Friday which makes a three day weekend? Even better.

When my husband and I were childless, we used to meet other teacher friends for lunch on snow days. Man, those were the days. I wonder what else we did all day and how late we slept in. Can you remember sleeping in? I can’t.

Today, I am just happy to be in my jammies, a big mug of coffee in my hand, listening to my children possibly making a big mess in the other room. I have morning talk TV on and am looking forward to naptime like it is Christmas. I have a date with Damian Lewis all afternoon and all evening. My husband is out of town which kind of stinks, but I’m not going to complain with a three day weekend.

So an early Valentines present for me is this very lovely, very well-timed snow day. Best. Day. Ever.


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