Foodie Friday: Party Appetizer Round Up

Well, football playoffs and the coming Super Bowl season means it’s time to talk good appetizers. Since appetizers are my favorite food group (besides pizza and cookies), I would like to give you a list of some of my favorite easy peasy lemon squeezie appetizers.


20130118-140726.jpg Baked Brie pre-oven and cheese football

I have referred to some of these recipes before, but there’s always time for a refresher course. A true shortcut girl likes to do things in the following manner:

1. At the last minute.

2. With little or no thought.

3. With little or no labor (no real cooking involved)

So, today I bring you six awesome treats that will win you friends, compliments and lots of extra time to watch your DVRed episodes of Nashville.

  • Wasabi cream cheese spread– Okay, I did not make up the recipe, but I have made it enough times to take some credit for it. Here’s my shortcut tips. Use a cheese slicer and do it in layers. Put soy sauce in the bottom of a shallow dish and also— serve it with rice crackers. It’s the only way to eat it. Powdered wasabi works just as well as bottled or jarred. Just be careful not to make it too spicy! Unless that’s what you are going for!
  • Brie Bites or Baked Brie Wheel– Brie, crescent dough and raspberry preserves is all you need here. It does not have to be puff pastry, but that works great too! Nothing too complicated. And very, very, very well recieved at parties. it looks beautiful too! The picture I have here is the brie wheel before it is baked with an egg wash, when it comes out of the oven it is so becautifully golden and— YUM!
  • Cheeseball– It sounds gross. But it’s not. It’s the best thing that you ever had. Vary it with fancy crackers, flatbread, Pita chips or veggies. It’s delectable.Baked Brie pre-oven
  • Proscuitto Wrapped Shrimp– Easy and impressive. Could be an entree or a passed appetizer. Make sure shrimp are big enough for wrapping, no mini-shrimp. Get the meat sliced thin at the deli. And use whole basil leaves. I didn’t use red pepper or lemon in this recipe. Serve with tartar sauce. Mmmmmm.
  • Fig, walnut and Goat Cheese Toasts, sprinkled with honey. Mini baguette slices, fig pieces, goat cheese. Heated on the broiler, drizzled with warm honey. I omitted orange and rosemary here. No need to be that fanciful.
  • Mini Shrimp with cocktail sauce and cream cheese– This reminds me of my childhood and therefore is only served with the most buttery buttery Ritz or Club crackers. Yum.

What? You noticed all but one of these has cheese in it? So what? It’s a PARTY treat, for God’s sake. EVERYone loves cheese!

Enjoy playoff weekend and even if you don’t care who wins, at least enjoy the snacks!

(Remember when I talked about eating low carb? Yeah, well, this post doesn’t count).





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