Foodie Friday: Shortcut Low Carb Dinner

So I’m not going to bore you with “it’s the New Year and I’m on a diet” type of post that you might just skim through. I’ll be honest. I love food; especially foods offered at holiday time and went off the rails the last two weeks of December. But that’s over now and it’s time to get serious so I don’t get a random person asking me in a hushed voice, “Are you pregnant again?”

A year ago my husband got back some pretty bad cholesterol results saying his triglycerides were through the roof. Soon after, he had his gall bladder out, recovered and we went on a low carb diet together (something we have always done to stay healthy). When he went back to his doctor and got blood work done, his triglycerides were drastically down, so much the doctor could not even believe it. She said he should pretty much always stay on a low carb diet and never let his weight fluctuate too much.

So, we have made a life choice to eat low carb pretty much 70% of the time. Once you make the change, it’s not as sad and terrible as you think. You get used to the low carb options, get ridiculously excited for sugar free Jell-O and just overall eat more vegetables and less sugar and carbs.

This is a challenging way of eating when you have children. Very often we make two dinners because I can’t get Parker to eat an all-vegetable and meat dinner. But, sometimes we have two different dinners and that’s okay. It’s getting easier to resist the temptation of taking a bite out of their grilled cheese or pasta. Especially when I have such yummy options myself.

We just discovered low carb gluten free pasta and love it. It cooks up quick—no boiling needed— and absorbs flavors delectably. Making different stir fry’s with this type of pasta helps us have the low carb dinner without feeling like we were eating like birds. Quite the opposite.

So this week I made sausage, mushroom, spinach and pesto over pasta. Here’s the “recipe” if you could call it that.

  • Sweet sausage not in casings from the butcher
  • Fresh spinach
  • Chopped mushrooms
  • Jarred pesto
  • ¼ cup heavy cream (cream has no carbs while milk has sugar and is full of carbs)
  • Low carb pasta as shown here

Start with cooking the sausage on medium high heat in olive oil until browned. Then add the vegetables until spinach is wilted. Add pesto and cream to make a little sauce. Add the pasta last and stir together until it is heated through.

Even if you eat carbs, this is truly a shortcut dinner worth making. I had it on the table in 20 minutes and was so proud of myself I took a picture. My husband, the usual cook in the house, laughed at me. But then he ate up all that goodness so that there wasn’t even anything for leftovers!


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