An Unplanned Blog-cation


Celia not so pleased on Christmas day

Well, I have been a little negligent of Shortcut Girl this week. It was a particularly hard week for several reasons. Had a lot of family time (read: the kids were crazy), we did a bit of traveling, Celia was sick and then I got The Cold. The Cold That No One Should Ever Get For the Love of God. Let’s do a little recap.

Day 1: Lump in back of throat that makes you keep clearing your throat to rid yourself of. Ears seem plugged. One nostril is impossibly congested to the point that your nose just gives up on it. Your hair hurts. An added bonus is that this cold also arrives on Christmas Eve.

Day 2: Your hair still hurts, your eyes start watering, you have stopped being able to taste. Everything smells kind of gross and your nose just spills you-know-what with little notice. You are having a conversation with in laws on Christmas day that is interrupted by your nose letting loose. Your throat begins to get scratchy. Your lips feel like someone salted them down and burned a layer of skin off of them. You have a fever. And the chills.

Day 3: You wake up sweating, your shirt is soaked. Cough is in full effect. There’s no denying it now. Doses of Day Quil and Alka Seltzer aren’t working anymore and you have started eating only carbs and sugar because they are the only thing you can kind of taste. You realize this is a terrible diet plan but you don’t care.

Day 4: You stop talking. Sleep, water and cough drops are the only thing you take time for. You start to consider that you may have done something terrible to deserve this.

Day 5: You wake up feeling better, look in the mirror and realize you have pink eye. You look in the bathroom closet at the medications you have taken during the past five days: Visine, Vaseline, Delsym, Alka-Seltzer, Day Quil, Chloroseptic. And a Neti Pot in a pear tree.

Day 6: (Today) You start thinking about life like a normal person again. Until you have another coughing fit. You then contemplate punching your sleeping husband beside you (just for a moment, it eventually passes and he remains safely in slumber).

Day 7: ???

So, dear readers, I have not abandoned you. But along with my energy, sparkling personality and sweet disposition, this _____ing cold took away my will to blog.

Stay tuned, I might get a full night’s sleep tonight and be back at it tomorrow!

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