12 Days: 10 Christmas card confessions


10 Signs You Have an Unhealthy Relationship with Your Christmas Card:

1. You don’t post the photo to Facebook for fear you will “ruin the surprise” of receiving your card.

2. You await co-worker comment on the card you mailed to their house. Creeper.

3. You have more than one Christmas card photo shoot. In fact, you have three to get just-the-right-shot.

4. You spend an hour choosing a layout on Shutterfly, Snapfish, Minted or Tiny Prints. Okay, maybe 90 minutes.

5. After your order is placed, anytime you take a picture you say to yourself, “THAT would have been a good Christmas card picture.” Classic Christmas card remorse.

6. You send your card to more than 75 people. Like a lot more. And you order extra.

7. You have designed your own address labels with little faces of everyone in the family.

8. You do yet another photo shoot and take a picture of your card so you can email it to people you may have forgotten and/or just met.

9. You carry a copy in your purse.

10. You are already pinning ideas on Pinterest for next year:)

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