Bye Bye Summer. Sniff sniff.


Well, I was quiet this week for many reasons.

1. I had to go into school and get organized two days. That alone zapped my blogging energy and creativity. It also depressed me. Summer is over :(

2. It was our last week at camp so we tried to get in as much beach, fun, family and quality time together as we could. Read: We didn’t want to think that we were actually moving out of camp as well as moving back into our house and starting school, all in the next three days. Holy Moly.

3. I decided to turn our typical big Gallagher family gathering into Celia’s early 1st birthday party. That, as it turned out, was a great idea. A great time was had by all and PHEW, it’s all said and done before the craziness of school starts. Post to follow with the featured cake and party accouterments.

4. My Mom came for a visit. So did Mike’s Mom. Just squeezing in more quality time!

5. I didn’t want to face the facts. Start of September means the end of something. And that something is the end of the time with the kiddos. No more of their waking up and coming into my bed to snuggle me with their kid morning breath. There won’t be long, quiet naptimes where I get to decide whether to lounge outside or inside. There won’t be any more late nights watching documentaries with my husband. No more Goldfish on the beach, no more 2 mile walks as the kiddos snoozed. No more negotiating ice cream treats and naptime books. No more Oakley, the lake dog who followed Parker around. No more “Mommy? I’m awake! Are you down there?” from Parker’s lofted bedroom.

There will never be another summer where Celia takes her first steps or a summer where Parker becomes an official big boy- potty trained and all. There will never be another summer where Celia is 10 months and Parker is 2 1/2. And that is what I am mourning. Not that I am not ready for my house back, my job back, my routine back, but I will never, ever have another summer the same as this. And that makes this Mommy a little sad.

Yes, there will be other ones. And hopefully many, many more spent at this lake. I will not go on blubbering because I know I am lucky to have the time with my kids and so, so lucky to spend that time in a little lake town in the Adirondack Mountains.

So, see you later Summer. It’s been amazing. Hurry back. I’ve got two kids (and two parents) who can’t wait for your return in about ten months.


  1. Joanne Rose says:

    What a great summary of what’s important to cherish in a summer! Love to all, Aunt Joanne


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