Yogurt Freezies




Wow. Here’s a treat that will surprise you for the following reasons:

1. It’s healthy.

2. Kids flip for it.

3. It’s quick.

4. There’s absolutely no way you can mess it up!

A friend who knows my ways of shortcutting emailed me this link that she found on Pinterest. Man, what a good idea. Mine didn’t come out this pretty, but they still tasted good and the kids loved them. You can say they are ice cream, yogurt, magic frozen delights, anything you choose.

The Goods:

  • Stoneyfield strawberry yogurt
  • Blueberries
  • Ziplock bag with one corner cut for piping yogurt through

Plop yogurt in “dots” or little dollups on a cookie sheet or casserole dish. Freeze for about an hour. Remove from freezer, dole out to little people, enjoy.

Variations: I chose to put the blueberries on them which instantly made them look a little odd. Celia loved the blueberry addition, she’s my eater. Parker made me pick them off before he would eat them.

I didn’t have a cookie sheet here at camp so I used a casserole dish. It could be really helpful to chill whatever dish you use first. Stoneyfield yogurt can be a little watery sometimes and it got a little runny on me. That being said, adding baby cereal, flax or wheat germ might help to make more solid dots.

I was thinking pureed fruit mixed with yogurt would just be great– especially a mixure. You can buy frozen bags of mixed fruit, especially berries, that would be a great addition. Might not have the fun, kid friendly look but it would still be yum, yum, yum.

Enjoy them like my little people did in these photos!


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