Move Your Butt: New Goal

I want to talk a little bit about goalsetting. Mostly because it is something I have always admired about my husband. When I met him and we were newly dating, I found a list of things he decided he was going to do in his life- most of them pretty short term. I remember thinking about all the writing I have done in journals about what I want to do, what I am doing and what I have done but I never really, ever, made a list of actual goals– real, live ones.

When we sat down one New Years Day to make some goals as a couple, Mike said this: “Don’t just say, ‘lose weight’ or ‘work out more,’ Bridgette. Quantify it. Hold yourself accountable.” I don’t know if you all remember this post, but Michael is not into excuses or warm and fuzzies when it comes to accountability– fitness, eating or otherwise. And, for the most part, he is right. When we set goals that year– financial ones, personal ones, career ones, we really were able to achieve pretty much everything we set out to do. Of course, that was 2009, before kids. This year, our goal was not to pay for a babysitter and we did that successfully until Michael was gone in July!

Well, one of the things that I have liked best about having this blog as an outlet is that it has helped me in my goalsetting and accountability. You would be surprised how many things you are motivated to do because you either want to write about doing it, or have already written that you WOULD do it. So, here I go again. For all of my friends who read my blog and live near me, I invite you to come along on my next challenge, five fives in five.

  • There are 5 (okay 4 1/2) months left in the year.
  • I would like to complete a total of five runs in the remainder of the year. They will all be 5Ks (hence the other five)
  • I am about to enter my fifth year of marriage, so maybe the 5 is good luck. It’s also the number my birth day and month add up to. November 12th. 1+1+1+2= 5 or 11+12= 23 and 2+3 = 5. Am I annoying yet?

The estimated dates:

So there it is. I’m putting it out there so now I can’t back out. And any of my friends or strangers who live local and would like to join me, it would be awesome to have some buddies in doing this. I have run 4 5Ks in my life, so I am doubling my life experience just in the next five months. Phew.

The result, I am hoping, is more of a culture of fitness through the “bear hibernation” months. You know, the months when you just want to sit inside, watch football, eat chili and loaves and loaves of bread? Yeah, those months. I still might do the sitting inside and the chili, but maybe that will be the reward afte some workouts and some eating well all week:)

  • Here’s the awesome pic from the Warrior Dash. Don’t I look ridiculous next to my dancer friend?

Crowned Warrior a.k.a. The best day ever

I really have never had more fun. Yesterday was such a great day. A beautiful drive through the Catskills with the kids, a beautiful, sunny day for a dash after way too much rain. And, I came down feeling very confident that I could (and will!) do it again and also thinking I should do 5Ks more often because they are WAY easier than that!

The uphill climb was brutal, we basically climbed the mountain. There is no way you an really run in the beginning and keep running unless you have the lungs of Zeus. Then you kind of make your way zig zag across- sometimes up, sometimes down- and sometimes so steep of a decline that running seems way to dangerous—an ankle breaking kind of decline. At one point, I actually found myself galloping.

There were several climbing obstacles that I didn’t love. I have a fear of heights when I go down something, not as much while I go up– so I would climb up one side and get completely freaked out about changing my footing and climbing down the other. That was the ONLY time I wussed out. I mean, one time the ladder was soaked and wet!

The people along the way are fun– teams encouraging one another, yelling and cheering. Spiderman passed me at one point. That was pretty awesome.

We slid down homemade water slides, walked through mud pits, crawled under barbed wire and hopped over burning coal. At one point I slid down this slope made of wood (the guy said “don’t put your hands behind you, don’t lean back.”) Okay, so this guy doesnt know that if you do that– you just keep going. On the rocks. With shorts on that had slid up. Ouch.

Can’t wait till next year!








Move Your Butt Thursday: Crane’s Pain

Wow. Just four days until the Warrior Dash. What’s good is, I’m excited! I feel ready. I have definitely been working out more than I ever have in my adult life, so, if I’m not prepared this summer, I never will be! I did a practice 3 mile run with a friend on Sunday and felt good. I like running for a purpose. And if the purpose is completing all kinds of crazy obstacles, so be it.

Two weekends ago, I hosted my college girlfriends for a weekend at camp. It was so fun- chit chat, catching up, laughing, relaxing and– for the first time together- working out! We did a little morning workout (preceding a 7 mile run that, no, I was not a part of) that was put together by my friend Crane, a Marine (She’s kind of a bad ass).

We asked for it and we got it. Here’s the workout we not so affectionately call “Crane’s Pain.”

  • 20 jumping jacks x2
  • 30 Squats X2
  • 10 Pushups X2
  • Crunches- 20-10-10-20-Center-right-left-center
  • 2 planks for one minute
  • Sprints up and down the driveway (a hill) The third or fourth sprint was high knees
  • 20 Anterior Reaches x2 (They are BRUTAL- you feel them all the way up your legs the next day!)
  • 20 Hello Dollys x2
  • Walking Lunges- 2 sets back and forth in a wide driveway
  • Bicycle kicks
  • 10 Burpees

Crane and Shea followed that workout with a seven mile run. Holy Moly. That was enough for me.

I’ve been light in my cardio this week, just trying to rest and build strength. Going to do a Pilates and ab workout tonight as we stay in for this rainy weather. Happy Thursday!


Right after Crane beat me in arm wrestling, brutal!

Move Your Butt Sunday: Warrior Countdown


Three weeks from today I will be a Warrior! I have been plugging along but most definitely need to bring it up a notch or two in the coming weeks.

Today, I did this workout from Peanut Butter Fingers. I did the arm one with dumbells. I plan to do my Pilates video tonight and get back to my two mile cardio jog tomorrow. I also want to find a way to incorporate this workout, I just found the One Fit Foodie blog and kind of love it.

On Friday, I mixed it up a little with a hike. It was the first official time I used the hiking baby backpack and I loved it. Threw me off balance a little in some of the slippery rocks and muddy parts you have to hop over, but probably served as a little shoulder and leg workout too.

Parker and my teenage niece Molly were great little hikers. We never found the waterfall we were looking for, but man, we had fun!

As far as my at-home workouts, I have found that I really like working with the eight pound weights and am definitely seeing a difference. I feel a lot stronger and they don’t feel as hard as they did the first time I tried them! Are ten pounders next?

Stay tuned!



Move Your Butt Wednesday: Warrior In Training

Last night, friends of ours were at camp for dinner and I said, “Have you ever heard of the Warrior Dash?”

Somehow, an hour later I was scouring the Internet for dates, times, training schedule and filling out an online registration form. I got my friends Jim and Katie to do it with me and started planning my workout regimen. I was really pumped and somewhat nervous about it. I anticipated waking up in the morning with a, “What have I gotten myself into?” feeling but the good news is: I didn’t! I’m still excited and hopeful that setting the goal to complete this insane obstacle course will give me something really positive to work toward this summer.

And as anyone who is like me about exercise-related goals, I needed to declare it to the world so I had no way out. By 10:30 pm, I was posting a facebook status declaring myself a potential Warrior. Now I have to do it!

English: HOLLISTER, Calif. (Oct. 28, 2011) Pet...

The distraction of training for the Warrior Dash is important this summer particularly for the following reasons:

1. I have felt somewhat flabbified since my second C-Section. Although the scale is looking more pleasing, what remains of my belly is not (Yikes! Can they do that lap band surgery on the OUTside?)

2. My husband will be in California for a month teaching. Yup, single Mom for a month. Single stay at home Mom at that.

3. I am not working this summer (See #2)

4. I like physical challenges but am not a fan of running long distances. If this race had cheerleader like stunts, I’d be all set!

5. I am living by a lake all summer with plenty of beautiful places to walk, run and workout. Even if they are with a stroller.

So, once we decided to dash, we also realized it was 38 days away. Too close? Not in shape enough. We weren’t being scared off that easily!

And, if you remember this post— as Mike Gallagher says, no excuses.

So today it began. Cardio power walk pushing 30 lbs plus of infant/toddler weights. Kept a brisk pace and was sweating like a pig. Strength training will be later. Maybe I’ll update this post once I do it.

I will share my workouts and shortcut workouts (pulling a wagon with two kids up a hilly driveway over and over) as I get warrior-fied!

Move Your Butt Wednesday: No Excuses

Français : Tableau du WOD

Okay, so the spirit of Shortcut Girl seems to be to make a confession at the start of a post. Here it is.

My husband says I make too many excuses when it comes to eating well and exercise. I blame this on being from a long line of sugar cereal and white bread eaters. Uh-oh, I think I just slipped an excuse in there. Darn it.

So I will be spending the summer at a lake just 40 minutes from our house. This is great for mental health but may be bad for physical health. You know the drill– summer, potato salad, cheese puffs and diet soda. Somehow your workout schedule gets misplaced between barbecues and boat rides and pretty soon it’s September and you realize you’re up five (alright ten) pounds. Conundrum. Chances are, you made an excuse or two along the way.

So, after argument upon argument about this, I realize my husband is right. I make excuses that suit my mood, my emotional state, my latest feelings about my body. We all do it. It’s called being a woman (which, I am told, is also an excuse).

So this summer for MYBW, I need to stay devoted to telling you how I will not, cannot, won’t let myself by any means— make an excuse.

I have to say goodbye to my favorite Boot Camp workout for the week and say hello to Doing it Myself. My solution? Cross Fit!

You can see a cross fit workout many places online. I like all the options you have and that you can do almost all of it without any equipment at all. This will be great for me at the lake. Cross Fit seems to be all the rage in new workouts. It’s apparently what they do at the Police Academy (which also gives it this awesome bad ass effect- yesssss.)

This website/database was a gold mine. With video demos of certain moves, this is the best. I just kept track of my workout on my phone and that way I can vary it next time. What I like mostly for Cross Fit workouts is that you do things for count, not for time. I am a bad stopwatch watcher but counting reps is much easier!

The excuses you don’t have:

  • I forgot my weights (do pushups then)
  • I forgot my sneakers (squats, planks, squat thrusts for you). Incidentally, my friend Katie completed an entire Boot Camp class (including running one mile) in socks, no sneakers.
  • There’s not enough space. There’s always enough. Living room, sidewalk, lawn, driveway, there’s always enough room!
  • There’s no time. Do it during the newest episode of RHNY, RHOC or RHNJ, distraction is the best medicine for getting through Cross Fit workouts!
  • I forgot my workout clothes. Pajamas work, a bathing suit works, it’s all good.

Do a cross fit workout and tell me what you think. Maybe move your butt for next Wednesday!

Move Your Butt Wednesday: First Post

Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks, leading a class.

Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks, leading a class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Anyone who is a friend of mine might laugh if they saw I was writing a blog about working out. I have never been known for my athletic prowess. I was a cheerleader in high school (captain, even) and was adept in the areas of dancing, spirit fingers, throwing tiny girls in the air and some remedial gymnastics. I was an Honors student in the areas of Student Council involvement, school spirit and jumping up in the air with great enthusiasm. But, no, I was never athletic. Not. One. Bit.


But I certainly tried to be. In college, I took off on intense rollerblading excursions with my partner in crime all over my college campus (by intense, I mean shaky and kind of awkward). I led early morning Tae Bo sessions with sorority sisters that made me feel ever so coordinated and skilled in the way of Billy Blanks. After college, I took power walks with my good friend Stephanie that only sometimes ended up on bar stools eating potato skins and drinking wine. My second Winter skiing, I bombed down the hill at ski club and broke my thumb, requiring major surgery. As a first year teacher, I soon joined the Y and began kickboxing, a sport I was convinced I was amazing at right off the bat. I kicked away some of those college pounds (as hilarious as it would be, I will NOT insert a photo here) and eventually settled into a perfectly sporadic pattern of intermittent workouts. A brisk walk here, a short run there. I was Queen of Random Exercise. And proud to be!



It is only fair that I confess here that whenever I see a fellow blogger post about working out I (almost compulsively) delete it in order to remove any feelings of being a tubby wubby couch potato. This is neither mature nor nice to my fellow bloggers and for that, you have my sincerest apologies. Please don’t delete my posts about sitting around doing nothing for the same reason:)


So here we are. After two babies, several diets, a bulging waistline, some toddler weightlifting and stroller walk cardio, I am here. Trying to redefine fitness and strength as a woman in her thirties (eek!). This has been both depressing, liberating and fun, but mostly fun. I promise.

I want to write MYBW in order to share with non-workouters how shortcut girl works out. Mind you, I reserve the right to skip this post any week in order to give myself a break (or just to lessen my guilt…)


But really, I am giving myself something to be accountable to in order to continue this workout schedule. Each week I will share SOME way you can get your butt moving- whether you want to or not!


My Move Your Butt shortcut is a full body workout. This, I can never depend on myself to deliver on my own. I have some exercise ADD and sometimes can end up just stretching and doing crunches in the corner. Ever since I had Parker, even though I sometimes don’t want to admit it, I have found that the best full body workout is a Boot Camp class. I have had great success in the Saratoga Boot Camp program and am falling in love with it more and more each session- especially when I see I can run without feeling like I want to pass out!!



I think what makes it work is they take care of the following :


  • Working out your whole body
  • Building circuits to boost your metabolism
  • Varying your workout so you don’t get bored
  • Having a class full of people to experience the torture, I mean, enjoy the experience with
  • Loud, upbeat music
  • Motivating and encouraging you
  • Calling you out when you are getting lazy (for me: at least twice every session!)
  • Stay tuned to Move Your Butt Wednesday for workout tips, tricks and shortcuts and please submit your own as well!